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All in 1 iOS app to learn Japanese

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The most complete app for everything related to Japanese

JapanEasy is an indispensable tool for everyone interested in studying Japanese, for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. With 200,000+ words, kanji and example sentences, it will be useful for beginners as well as experts, enhanced with a user interface carefully designed for a smooth navigation. Learn and Explore.

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page d'un mot sur iphone app

Words dictionary

In addition to the reading, translation and grammatical type, you can see its kanji breakdown and understand its etymology.

Most words come with example sentences. Its much easier to memorize a word when seeing it in context. Simply touch a word in an example sentence to navigate to its definition.

You can look up words in English, japanese (hiragana and kanji) and even romaji, so that you don't need to constantly switch from the Japanese keyboard to the English one.

page d'un kanji sur iphone app

Kanji Dictionary

Kanji aficionados are not at rest. The meaning as well as the keys of a kanji (its most basic compounds), related kanji and common words that include it are part of the dictionary. Last but not least you can find the strokes order (animated) and a scrape zone.

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Remember thousands of words and kanji

Thanks to the "flashcards" system, remember hundreds then thousands of words and kanji in record time. The app will test you on items by frequently asking you questions on those that you don't know, and a little bit less on those that you know so that you don't forget them.

Kana, JLPT, Minna no Nihongo, Assimil...

Most common flashcards lists come with the app right of the box. Nothing else to download, no complicated XML file to deal with, … everything is there. If you need something else, add any item to your "Favorites". They act like bookmarks.

Romaji -> Hiragana -> Kanji

Learn hiragana then kanji progressively: you can configure the options to see flashcards in romaji and hiragana, hiragana and kanji, kanji only… See what option fits your needs. A light tap on the question or answer will display it in hiragana or romaji.

recherche kanji par cles iphone app

Kanji by keys

You can look up a kanji by keys. By selecting one, you see kanji that have only this compound. When selecting many, you retrieve kanji that have them all.

Numbers correspond to the number of strokes of the keys. "Paper" kanji dictionaries are often organized this way since there is often no other way to find a kanji in a dictionary without knowing its readings.

If you know how to read a kanji and want to look it up, use the dictionary with the japanese keyboard and write its reading in romaji and use the keyboard's suggestions.

fiches de grammaire japonaise sur iphone app

Grammar cheat sheets

Notes and lessons within reach of your fingers to avoid being caught off guard :

  • Expressions to be used in a restaurant / shop / hotel
  • Hiragana and katakana boards
  • How to use conjugated forms
  • Most useful grammatical structures