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Stop eating apples. Beat snakes!

Like Freecell or the Solitaire, WormWar is a "Desktop" game: easy to learn and games are quick and short. A game usually lasts less than 5 minutes, perfect to take a break from work or have fun with friends.

Available on iOS and Mac

available on the app store available on the Mac app store

screenshot wormwar

How it works

Contrarily to a usual snake game, here your snake gets always longer as long as it can move

You can hit walls or the other snakes without dying. When you can't move more your snake will start to get smaller.

The goal is to block your opponents against walls or with your snake so that they shrink and end up disappearing.

1 player vs Computer

At every round there will be more computer snakes. Win 10 rounds and become a WormWar champion!

You start with 3 lives.

Two players (Mac only)

You can play in 1 vs 1 or team up against the computer.

If you choose to team up, the lives are counted down only if you both fail a round.

Controls (Mac)

Player 1 controls its snake with the arrows, Player 2 with E (up), S, D, F.

Esc stops a game completely.
Space pauses and resumes a game.
Enter starts a new game, and can be used from a game or from the options screen.

Controls (iOS)

Swipe left, up, ... to move the blue snake.

Touch the screen with 3 fingers to pause the game.

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