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Love Score
The app that helps you visualize your relationships by analyzing your sms.

The concept

A few months ago my girlfriend left me. I told her I saw that coming because she was taking longer and longer to answer my text messages, while I was getting more and more impatient receiving hers (but I didn't tell her that!).

That an app could detect this kind of things seemed funny and the idea was born.

screenshot lovescore

How it works

The app analyzes 10 sms conversations: the number of sms recently sent, the time to answer, ... and displays the related contacts in a bubble in function of the balance and the passion of your relationship.

Balance: If you write each others roughly the same, the relationship is balanced and the bubble will move toward the top with a score close to 100%. Else the relationship is unbalanced: one of you writes more and waits more.

Passion: The more sms were exchanged recently with someone, the more passionate and the more on the right the bubble will be. Passion is not a percentage, it is potentially unlimited!


Touch a bubble to see the numbers, and move the time slider to see the chronological evolution of these relationships. Date is in the top-right corner.

By default you see the 10 most recent conversations. Swipe from right to left to see a new set of 10 random ones. Swipe from right to left to come back to the 10 most recent ones.

You can share your score or have these explanations with the 2 black buttons to the right of the scores.

Keep your finger on a bubble to go to the sms conversation.


The data is used locally by the app and your data stays yours only.